Find Your Ideal Place To Retire Overseas

Without traveling all over the place and spending all your money

Our videos make it easy

To learn about a place to retire overseas, first talk to expats who already live there.

Live Or Retire Overseas Granada

You know what you want

You want quality health care. You want affordability. You want a great climate.  You want a better life in retirement than when you were working.

There are many places around the world that offer these things.

Live Or Retire Overseas San Juan del Sur
Live Or Retire Overseas Ecuador

But which place is best for you?

And how can you find it without running out of time and money?

To know what it’s like to live or retire somewhere overseas, before you go, talk to a lot Americans and other non-natives who already live there. They know best what it's like to live there. They're called expats.

We talk to them for you.

See and hear what expats say

We interview eight or nine informed expats who live where you might want to live.

We ask them a lot of questions, including the ones below.

You get their answers in a video you can download and watch on your TV.

Think about where you live right now.

What is your cost of living?
How is your health care?
Is it safe where you live?
How is the internet where you live?
Do you need a car?

More questions here.

If you want to know what it's like to live somewhere, you certainly don't have to attend an expensive retirement seminar or conference.

Even the "experts" have to pay to present to you at these events, in hopes you'll hire them later, and then they'll at least make back the fee they paid to present to you.

The organizers, hotels, restaurants, transport companies, tour guides, presenters, and just about everyone else involved in these events gives or gets some kind of kickback or commission on practically everything you experience, but so far not on the air you breathe, during these events.

How can you trust all that? You're just a commodity. You're a number that the organizers can market and sell to keep the ball rolling and get more attendees like you for the next event.

But you can trust the information in our videos, for the reasons below.

Information About Retring Overseas

The Source

The information comes straight from the source, from people who are lot like you and already live where you might want to live.

The Truth About Retiring Overseas

The Truth

We don't give or get any compensation, commission or kickback from anyone, so you get the real truth.

Videos About Retiring Overseas

Before You Go

After watching one video with many expats, you’ll know what it's like to live where they live, before you go.


If living or retiring in Ecuador, Nicaragua, or Panama appeals to you, you're on the right website.

Our videos show what it's like to live in these countries.

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