Granada Nicaragua

Nicaragua Map

Granada, Nicaragua is located on the northwest shore of Lake Nicaragua. Granada is the oldest city in Central America, and Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America.

The population of Granada is about 115,000 people. The expat population is estimated to be around 2,000 people, but many live outside the city.

Nearly everything you could want in Granada is located within three blocks of the central park, making the city an almost ideal retirement village. And nearby are great outdoor recreational activities.

Granada Nicaragua Cathedral

Nicaragua is said to be the safest country in Central America.

The days of the Sandinistas, Contras, and American CIA are long gone. But many people are still unaware of that, so Nicaragua remains un-crowded and a good value.

Granada Nicaragua Video Trailer

Our full 62-minute Granada Nicaragua Video includes interviews with eight expats describing what it’s like living in Granada and living in Nicaragua in general.

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