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Great Places To Retire

We make videos about great places to retire outside the USA.

Each video includes detailed interviews with many expats explaining what it’s like to live where they live, so you’ll know what it’s like to live there too, before you decide to go. Then you’ll only spend your time and money visiting places you know you will like.

Granada Nicaragua Hipica
Granada, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur Turtle Migration
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

We prefer places that are a good value. A steak dinner with a drink and dessert in a traditional restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador for US$7 is a good value.

A maid for seven hours a day six days a week for US$150/month in Granada, Nicaragua is a good value.

But eight dollars for a glass of ordinary wine in a mediocre restaurant in the United States or Europe is not a good value.

Your money buys more in places that are a good value. So you can afford to have and to do more of the things you enjoy.

Living in Panama El Valle de Anton
El Valle de Anton, Panama
Cuenca Ecuador City View
Cuenca, Ecuador

But value is only one thing. The distance from emergency medical care, the speed and reliability of the internet, the climate, or whether you need a car could be deal breakers for you.

So we always ask the expats in our videos these questions:

  • How is the food?
  • How is the shopping?
  • What is your cost of living?
  • How is the health care, and what does it cost?
  • Do you need to know the language?
  • Are you concerned about safety?
  • How is the phone and internet service?
  • How is the weather?
  • Do you need a car?
  • What is there to do there?
  • Where do you meet people?
  • How friendly are the local people?
  • What is the English-speaking community like?
  • Where do you eat and drink, and what does it cost?
  • What are the pros and cons of living or retiring there?
  • And much more!

Our videos take the guesswork out of choosing a great place to retire.

You get only unbiased truthful information directly from expats who live where you might want to live.


Michael Karsh

Before starting Live or Retire Overseas, I worked as a corporate training consultant and then owned a video production company.

In 1983 I traveled in southern Asia for 15 months.

In 2000 I became a perpetual traveler and expat for eight years.

In all the time I’ve traveled and lived outside the USA, the places I’ve stayed the longest had the lowest costs of living, the most interesting cultures, the best food, the friendliest people, and the most fun things to do.

I started Live or Retire Overseas so you can see and hear for yourself what it’s like to live in these places.

There’s no hype in our videos … just honest testimonies about what it’s really like to live in some great places to retire outside of the United States.

Michael Karsh