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Cuenca Ecuador is located in the Andes Mountains at an elevation of 8200 feet. It can be cold at this altitude, although snow is rare. Cuenca was named the best place in the world to retire several times. It is the most popular place for expats living in Ecuador. 

The population of Cuenca is about half a million people. Approximately 10,000 expats now live in Cuenca, up from maybe 500 seven or eight years ago. Cuenca has become the most expensive place to live in Ecuador, but the cost of living in Ecuador is still low,

Cuenca is the cultural capital of Ecuador, hosting over 200 cultural events every year, most of them free. And with the  influx of expats in recent years, there are many western-style restaurants and services.

Cuenca isn't right for everyone, just like anywhere else in the world, but with our Cuenca video you can find out, quickly and easily, if Cuenca is right for you.

Cuenca Ecuador New Cathedral
Cuenca Ecuador Tomebamba Walk

Cuenca Video Trailer

This is the trailer for our full-length Cuenca Ecuador video. The full video runs 56 minutes and includes interviews with nine expats describing what it's like to live in Cuenca. After watching the full video, you'll know what it's like to live in Cuenca, too.

You can save yourself a lot of research time and potentially a lot travel money with our video. Who knows better than expats who live in Cuenca what it’s really like to live there?

“We consider ourselves to be well traveled and have discovered many great places, but the Cuenca video was an eye opener. I form my impressions of a country and a city by the same kind of face to face conversations that were in that video. It was a great collection of conversations with real people living a good life. Cuenca will be one of our first stops when we retire in August.”
Charles Lane
Edina, MN
“My wife and I started researching a move to Cuenca and soon found there was a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there. Then we came across the Live or Retire Overseas video. The video includes many interviews with expats who clearly explained the reasons they love Cuenca, as well as things to watch out for. This video has been a most valuable and trustworthy resource.”
Howard Glassman
Summerfield, FL

Cuenca Video Details

Run time: 56 minutes
Resolution: 1280x720 HD
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Chapters: Introduction • Cost of Living • Eating Out • What Expats Like Most • Food and Shopping • Speaking Spanish • Things to Do • Transportation • Safety • Medical Care • Where to Stay • Meeting People • Communications • Drawbacks • Final Advice

Expats: Helen Boyer, Dixie Davey, Steve Leftwich, Brian Miles, Regina Potenza, Susan Schenck, Mike Sena, Shannon Wickliffe, George Xillas