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Nearly everything you could want in Granada is located within three blocks of the central park, making the city an almost ideal retirement village, and nearby are great outdoor recreational activities. But just like all other destinations around the world, Granada is not right for everyone.

Now you can find out in only 62 minutes if Granada is right for you. Download our Granada Nicaragua Video now.


Granada Nicaragua Video

Run time: 62 minutes
Resolution: 1280×720 HD
Download Size: 1.7 GB

Chapters: • Introduction • Cost of Living • Food • Eating Out • Shopping • Things to Do • Speaking Spanish • People and Culture • Safety • Medical Care • Transportation • Hotels and Hostels • Rentals • Homes for Sale • Communications • Volunteer Opportunities • Final advice

Expats: Darrell Bushnell • Lilly Filipow • Carlos Gutierrez • Rolien Kappen • Helen Korengold • Jim Lynch • Carol Lynch • Bertina Mensinck • Warren Ogde

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