Living in Nicaragua San Juan del Sur Video Cover

Living In Nicaragua | San Juan del Sur Video


San Juan del Sur might remind you of the beach towns nearby in Costa Rica like they were about 20 years ago: uncrowded, beige/yellow sand, and perfect water temperatures.

Many people dream of retiring on a beach, but every beach town has it’s own personality. Get our Living In Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur video, and you’ll know, in only one hour, if San Juan could be the one for you!


Living In Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur Video

Run time: 58 minutes
Resolution: 1280×720 HD
Download Size: 1.8 GB

Chapters: Introduction • Things to Do • Eating Out • Food and Shopping • Cost of Living • Communications • Medical Care • Transportation • Safety • Raising Children • Speaking Spanish • People and Culture • Hotels and Hostals • Rentals • Homes for Sale • Drawbacks • Final Advice

Expats: Sarah Fahey, Justin Fahey, Peter Gould, Randy Harvey, Mary O'Hanlon, Vanessa Pattison, Kelly Ann Thoma

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