San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Nicaragua Map

San Juan del Sur is an idyllic beach town on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua, a stone’s throw from Costa Rica. The beaches are much the same in both countries, with beige/yellow sand and ideal water temperatures, but the cost of living in Nicaragua is much lower than in Costa Rica.

The population of San Juan is about 8,000 people, and it’s estimated that about 1,000 expats now live there and nearby, for at least part of the year.

Only a decade ago, San Juan was was a sleepy fishing village.

San Juan del Sur Nearby Beach

There are no less than 14 beautiful beaches up and down the coast near San Juan, some with great surf.

And there are a surprising number of excellent restaurants in San Juan, especially for such a small town.

San Juan del Sur Video Trailer

Our full 59-minute San Juan Video includes interviews with eight expats explaining what it’s like living in San Juan and living in Nicaragua.

After watching the full video, you’ll know if you should check out San Juan in person or give it a pass.

"We liked the real-life dimension: the sense that you're hearing testimony of actual expat experiences, both pro and con. The overview of some of the restaurants, the parks, the scenery, the costs and the challenges offer valuable insights into a potentially life-changing/life-enhancing relocation."
Lisa Raborn
Washington, LA
"I have all the videos and think they are all great. After watching one of them, I could tell I wouldn't want to live there. What a cheap way to discover that I will want to look elsewhere."
Bob Stilwell
Overland Park, KS